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“Maybe America’s Newest Musical Treasure”

No Depression

“It’s joy filtered through the lens of Americana, and that simplicity in approach should be celebrated.”

– Popmatters

“Feelings of hope, joy and inner beauty abound through the perfect marriage of lyrics and music.”

Elmore Magazine

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– American Songwriter

“…Pioneering spirit and timelessness. You’ll hear both of those qualities in the music of National Park Radio.”

– Wide Open Country


– Glide Magazine

“…An urgency that breeds excitement”

– The Alternate Root


treebeard500pxNational Park Radio singer/songwriter/acoustic guitarist Stefan Szabo is an old soul, 30 going on 60. He got married on his 18th birthday, had two daughters by the time he was 21, and didn’t even start to write songs until he was 27. From the first note of his band’s debut album, The Great Divide, it is apparent his music is timeless – it could well have been recorded at any point over the last 100 years, and its subjects are just as eternal – the urge to discover and explore the great wilderness, while remaining true to family, community and an open-minded belief system. It’s about surviving hard times (“I Will Go On,” “Rise Above”), the ups and downs of relationships (“Monochrome,” “The Ground and the Knee”), questioning religious dogma (“Ghost,” “Once Upon a Time”) and sometimes just plain old fun (the old-time voice-through-a-megaphone and kazoo of “The Walking Song”). As for the banjo-and-strings-driven acoustic sound – call it Americana, roots, indie-folk or simply music to get up and dance to – think The Band by way of neo-revivalists Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers, even if Szabo claims not to have really heard any one of them.
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Self-produced “demo” released in April 2013

(no longer available)




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